It’s been forever since I posted anything about Mono, but this stuff deserves some attention.
Mono’s Winforms 2.0 is now API Complete
Yesterday, it was announced that the System.Windows.Forms support in Mono (an open source implementation of the .NET Framework targeting Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc.) has finally reached a state of being API complete. This means the public API for WinForms in Mono is exactly the same as in .NET; with a total of 12,776 methods! The first check-in of WinForms occurred on July 8th, 2004; which means it took almost 4 years to implement.
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First Moonlight Release
On May 13, the Mono guys released the first public release of Moonlight, supporting the Silverlight 1.0 profile for Linux. If you don’t know what Moonlight is; Moonlight is an open source implementation of Microsoft’s Silverlight for Linux.
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I’m excited to see that Mono is making some awesome progress in bringing the greatness that is the .NET Framework to Unix, Linux, MacOS, and other operating systems that are non-Microsoft. Way to go guys!