A while back I won a free license for JetBrains ReSharper v3.1 at one of the monthly WI .NET Users Group meetings. Today, I finally got around to installing it to check it out.

I found some of the code hightlighting/outlining features to be pretty neat, but…. But, I experienced a 1/2 to 1 second lag for Visual Studio 2008 to do anything after I installed ReSharper. This lag was quite an annoyance. So, consiquentially, I uninstalled ReSharper to get my VS performance back.

I also had another issue with it; After I uninstalled ReSharper from my machine I noticed that all the Intellisense in Visual Studio wasn't there anymore. What?!!?! I did a quick search and found instructions on JetBrains Knowledge Base on how to Fix Intellisense after uninstalling ReSharper. few… At least it was easy to fix. I was afraid I would have to reinstall VS. There is also one thing I find funny about this "bug", the knowledge base article dates back to Dec. 2004. I would normally expect that JetBrains would have fixed this issue by now. Afterall, why in the world would anyone not want Intellisense after uninstalling ReSharper?

Mayber I'll try out ReSharper 4.0 after it comes out, hopefully they'll fix the performance issues in that release. However, I'm surprised that v3 has performance issues this bad.

Do any of you use ReSharper? If so, how is the Visual Studio performance for you?