Busby SEO Test is Polluting the Internet with Link Spam!!!

For awhile now (a couple months I believe) I've been getting Comment Spam for this "Busby SEO Test" contest. The commenters post some crap comment, and they enter their name as "Busby SEO Test" and put in their contest landing page as their URL.

It's almost impossible to figure out who is behind this 'contest' since searching for "Busby SEO Test" on Google just pulls up all these sites that are competing for the contest and not the actual contest website.

**Who are you Busby!! And, Why are you promoting internet polution through Blog Comment Spam?!??**

I did a search for Busby and found the following URL which appears to be the origin of this supposed contest:


This supposed contest is such a joke! All you get with a contest like this is a bunch of people spamming blog comments and other sites just to try to inject the most Link Spam as possible. The one with the most Link Spam wins. This is completely useless and is just polluting the internet!

A Solution?

So, in protest of this contest I decided to post a blog posting that uses the Key Phrase "Busby SEO Test" for this contest. The way I figure, if enough sites (especially higher ranking ones) that aren't competing in this crap contest post pages that have the key phrase as the title, then it'll create some polluted competition in the contest. There for making it more difficult for these morons to compete with each other in this crap contest.