IE DEATH MARCH 2009I've come across the website a couple times recently, and I definately agree.

And I quote from the site:

*"Internet Explorer 6 will be SEVEN years old on August 27th [2008]. It came out a few weeks before the Twin Towers fell. It came out before the Nintendo GameCube. It came out before the first iPod.

It's time to put a deadline on dropping IE6, and I say that time is now, and the deadline should be soon… say like, March 2009. That's roughly a little more than 6 months." *

The goes on to list a few other things that are Younger than IE6. Some of which are:

  • Google Adsense
  • XBox (the original XBox)
  • Nintendo GameCube
  • Hummer H2

And (I think the most notable is…), WINDOWS XP IS YOUNGER THAN IE6! Windows XP?!? There's been 2 versions of windows (XP and Vista) released in the over 7 years since IE6 was released. Not to mention the fact that IE7 was released about 2 years ago, and IE8 is on the horizon.

C'mon people, stop using IE6. If you have Windows XP you can upgrade to IE7.