Now that it’s 2010, and over a year since the first Community Coding Contest came to an end, I’m thinking about running the contest again in 2010.

Last time it ran for 3 months and we had 6 really great entries. This time around I’m thinking that it may be better to accept entries for 6 months, and have the voting run for a full month. This will give much more time for entries to be submitted, and for people to work on their entries before submitting and/or voting begins.

These are just some initial thoughts, and I’m going to need input on everything from YOU (the community) before I can make a final decision as to when and how to run the contest again. I’d really appreciate if you could fill out the following survey and tell us what you think.

Community Coding Contest 2010 Pre-Contest Survey

Also, we will need some prizes donated before the contest will be able to go on. If you or your company are interested in donating prizes or monetary support (web hosting fees, mailing expenses, etc.) for the contest, please contact the contest directly here:

You can view the official contest website here:

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing more about what everyone thinks!