I’ve decided to boycott BP until the Oil Spill in the Guld of Mexico is fixed/cleaned up! If you remember the oil spill in Alaska back in the ‘80’s then you remember all the pictures/videos of all the animals killed by being covered in oil. The same thing is happening today in the Gulf of Mexico with the oil drilling blowout that has been spewing oil into the ocean for a month now.

Oil does not occur naturaling in the ocean or on land. As a result animals can not breath or fly when covered in oil. This is killing OUR environment!

Bottom line, if we can’t keep things like this from happening, or hold accountable those responsible, then there is no way we should continue drilling for oil. Period.

Sure, you may say “accidents can happen”, but this shows that we obviously need to make sure the oil companies take appropriate precautions to make sure this type of thing does not happen again.

In addition to having BP pay for the entire clean up efforts, I encourage everyone to boycott all products made by BP until things are cleaned up. We need to make sure all oil companies fully understand that we will not stand for this. And, if BP goes bankrupt because no one buys their products, then I know we will have gotten our message across.

Here’s a couple links worth checking out:

60 Minutes: Deepwater Horizon’s Blowout, Part 1

Wikipedia: Deep Water Horizon oil spill

UPDATE: I understand it seems a bit impossible to boycott all products that may contain oil/petroleum from one of BP’s oil rigs, but even if you just stop purchasing Gas from BP’s stations you will still help to put a dent in their profits. The point is to get the message across that we all do not want this type of thing to happen and every precaution to prevent it should be taken. The easiest way to help make a huge difference is to make one small step at a time, and eventually they add up to change the world. Besides, other than complaining to politicians, a boycott is really the only other thing we can do to express our concern.