As I’ve been using Twitter more the last couple years, I’ve also been blogging less. Every time I go to write up a new blog entry I realize how long it’s been since the previous post. I know I’m not alone in this, and other people might blame Twitter, Facebook and/or some other social media service.

It’s so incredibly easy to share a link or just a sentence of information on Twitter. Facebook makes it easy to share more than just a short blurb, so many people use Facebook instead and then post a link to it on Twitter too.

Compared to social media, blogs are hard. You want to write up more than just a short thought. Plus conversations on blogs are more difficult than the back and forth discussions that social media makes simple; as they are built just for this purpose.

I think of Stack Overflow (and all Stack Exchange sites) in the same way as Social Media services in regard to this too. When you post some helpful tip/trick to Stack Exchange you likely reach a larger audience and it shows up in search engine ranking much higher too. Also, with gamification of Stack Exchange posts you get Points for that community activity, and who doesn’t like getting points. It’s like getting a gold star in grade school. Ohhh shiny!

Anyway, I’ve been posting much more to Twitter (I don’t currently use Facebook, although I use Buffer to post in both places frequently anyway) and as a consequence my blog has been suffering. Or has it? You could argue that blogs are getting more high quality content as Social Media is stealing away the shorter less significant content. Or, you could just call me and others lazy. The choice is up to you.

The blog is dead. Long live the blog!