OpenLiveWriterThe old Windows Live Writer application for authoring blog posts in a “Word-style” fashion was a really good blog authoring application. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been maintained by Microsoft in a long time and is closed sourced. Thankfully, there’s been a movement to finally get Windows Live Writer released as Open Source. Thanks to Scott Hanselman and MANY others, the all new Open Live Writer has now been released! OpenLiveWriterScreenshot Download it here: The new Open Live Writer is licensed under the MIT License, and the open source project is hosted up on GitHub. Open Live Writer also a project supported by the .NET Foundation. Lastly, as proof that Open Live Writer works with BlogEngine.NET (the software I use to host this blog,) I have authored and published this post using it. It’s nice to finally be able to use Live Writer again, and I have missed using it. P.S. Sorry about the nested, inception screenshot but I just couldn’t help it. Smile