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Software Development = Logical Creativity

Programming = Logical There is a lot of logic involved in computer programming, just as there is in Math. In college they teach you a lot of mathematics and how to use that same logical thinking with programming. It's true that if you're good at math, you may have the potential to be good at programming. Development = Creativity The development aspect of building a software solution is the creative aspect to programming. When you design or architect a software solution there is a t... [More]

ASP.NET 2.0: RewritePath breaks HyperLink's ImageUrl in App_Theme file when path with slash is rewritten

Rewriting a path with a slash ("/") in it will cause a HyperLink's image specified in the ImageUrl property within an App_Theme file to not be displayed. This can also lead to a "Cannot use a leading ..." error when running the website within IIS. Here's a screenshot of the issue occuring:   This is kind of a strange bug, since doing the same thing with an Image works just fine. It's only the HyperLink that breaks. I experienced this issue the other day, and it took me a little bit ... [More]

Virtual Earth 6 Bug: GetDirections breaks when Start and End Address are the same

When using the new GetDirections method to get multi-point driving directions everything works fine if the Start and End address are different. But it shows unexpected results on the map when plotting a multi-point route that has an End address the same as its Start. Here's some sample code to reproduce this issue: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html>  ... [More]

Real Estate - The Search That Should Be.

There are so many real estate sites out there, and each one has certain features or aspects about them that attract certain users more than others. However, even though there are so many, it just seems that no one can really get it right. Property Search Property Search is the main reason everyone visits a real estate website; because we're looking to buy or sell a home. You enter in the criteria you're looking for and the website shows you a list of properties matching your criteria. Cle... [More]

Virtual Earth 6 Bug: ShowSwitch parameter of LoadMap method no longer works

Update 12/29/2007: This is no longer a bug. It has been fixed since I originally posted this. This is the second bug in Virtual Earth 6 that I've found today. It appears that the showSwitch parameter of the LoadMap method is broken and no longer works. As the documentation states: "A Boolean value that specifies whether to show the map mode switch on the dashboard control. Optional. Default is true (the switch is displayed)." Below is a screenshot showing what is... [More]

Virtual Earth 6 Bug: Zoom buttons in wrong place with multiple maps on the same page

I'm currently working on adding Virtual Earth v6 support to Web.Maps.VE, and I have found a bug in VE6. When there are multiple maps on the same page the images for the zoom in/out buttons of the dashboard are not getting displayed on the correct map. I circled them in red in the screenshot below... This is kinda strange behavor.

Official Release of Simplovation and Web.Maps.VE!

I am proud to announce that I have just officially launched Simplovation and released our first product, Web.Maps.VE! What is Simplovation? Simplovation is my new startup, and is a Micro-ISV. Our focus is on developing first class, resuable components and developer tools that target the .NET Framework. What is Web.Maps.VE? Web.Maps.VE is the latest, much evolved version of my open source control. This is the only ASP.NET 2.0 server control that brings Full AS... [More]

WI-INETA: Oct. '07 - Code Generation, Software Factories and Visual Studio Extensibility

The October 2007 meeting of the Wisconsin .NET Users Group is falling on the third Tuesday this month. There has been some scheduling issues; mainly in regards to finding a meeting location. If you would like to host a meeting, please contact the group. This months meeting (on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2007 at 7:00 PM) we will be having Brennan Stehling presenting on Code Generation, Software Factories and Visual Studio Extensibility. See the description of what will be covered below: Productivit... [More]

Microsoft to release .NET Framework 3.5 as Shared Source!

Scott Guthrie announced on his blog today, that Microsoft will be releasing the source code for .NET 3.5 as shared source under the Microsoft Reference License (MS-RL). You will also be able to enable debugging support within Visual Studio 2008 for the .NET Framework. This is really cool. I have always used .NET Reflector to peek into the source of the framework, but now I'll actually be able to look at the code itself. More Info:Releasing the Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries ... [More]

US Cellular is dicontinuing the Motorola v323i, but you can still buy it from Motorola!

I just renewed my cell phone contract and was lucky enough to get a couple of the last Motorola v323i phones that the local stores had left. Apparently they are discontiuing this model, and US Cellular has them on sale (if you can find them) for $30 with a new contract. This is the best phone for the price from what I've heard when researching what new phone to get. I've heard it compared to the MotoRAZR a few times; except of course it does have less features than the RAZR. For example the v3... [More]

Proposed DotNetKicks Redesign!

The current skin of DotNetKicks just isn't quite there. It doesn't look as cool as it could. And I'm sure it's just because the time hasn't been spent to make it look good. So, I thought I'd put together a mockup design that is based off the current design, but with some improvements. I like it, but the test is if any of you like it too. Let me know what you think. Current DotNetKicks: Proposed Redsign for DotNetKicks: Download:View Larger ImagePaint.NET .PDN File By the way, the font I ... [More]

Top posts of all time as of 2007/9/27

Here's a list of my top blog posts of all time. I really would rather the MSN WebMessenger and Homestarrunner ones weren't in the list, but sometimes you just strike a chord of what regular people (non-programmers) search for. Top 10 posts of all time by total number of page views: 69,629 - MSN WebMessenger65,769 - ASP.NET 2.0: URL Mapping with RegEx Support26,319 - - pretty cool toons23,197 - I now have my key for Vista Ultimate18,614 - WinXP SP2 limites max. number of ... [More]

Patterns: Fluent Interface - make your code easier to read

I never heard of the Fluent Interface pattern until I saw Randy Patterson's blog post titled "How to design a Fluent Interface". When I first saw the title of the post I thought he was talking about design a user interface, but upon further inspection I found out that using the Fluent Interface pattern in your code will make it easier to read. Randy posts an example of how to use the Fluent Interface pattern, but I thought I would also write up a short example. My example below shows how to imp... [More]

Links - 2007-09-26

Here's a ton of links to articles and stuff that I've come across. Included are some links that I marked as favorite within IE and just haven't seemed to go back to, 'till today. It's probably link overload, but hopefully you find some of it usefull. ASP.NET A Boilerplate HttpHandler - Scott HanselmanDynamically resize uploaded images & save in PNG format - Anil RadhakrishnaMaking sense of ASP.NET Paths - Rick StrahlRendering ASP.NET Controls Out of Place - Dave ReedMake Your ASP.NET ... [More]

JavaScript: Add Search Engine Keyword Highlight Support to your site with ease

When looking at the source code for the BlogEngine.NET project, I noticed that they are implementing some javascript to highlight search engine keywords. What happens is when a user searches (using Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and then clicks through to your site, this javascript then highlights any words on the page that match the keywords they are search for. This isn't critical functionality to add to a site, but it sure helps in making your site much more user friendly by allowing them to more ... [More]

ASP.NET Forums is gone and Community Server's not free

What happened to the download links for ASP.NET Forums on the website? As soon as Community Server 1.0 came out the links disapearred. I didn't really think of it at the time, but now that I want to set up a Forum I would like the old ASP.NET Forums. Why not Community Server? Well, the reason I don't want to use Community Server is because the licenses keep getting more restrictive with the release of each new version. I just looked at the website and ... [More]

Parallel FX Library: Optimize your code for Multi-Core machines

I was reading the October 2007 edition of MSDN Magazine and came across an article titled "Parallel Performance: Optimize Managed Code For Multi-Core Machines." At first I thought that this was just another article explaining how to use the ThreadPool in .NET to improve the performance of you app, but they are actually talking about the new Parallel FX Library that is about to reach its first CTP. What is this Parallel FX Library? Simple... It's a .NET library that is designed to make is much ... [More]

Weekly Links - 2007-09-07

C# - GenericsC# Generics, Part 2/4: Constraints, Members, Operators - Patrick Smacchia C# Multi-Type Generic Constraints - Adam Esterline C# 2.0 Constraints on Generic Types - Dan Vallejo ASP.NET 2.0Creating a Custom ASP.NET Profile Provider - Shawn Wildermuth Misc.25 steps for building a Micro-ISV - Leon Bambrick

Self Employed and time for contract work

I have decided to go out on my own and work full time getting my own business off the ground. It's going to be an exciting ride and I know I have what it takes to make it work. I'll be working on a few project ideas that I have (If you want to find out more info about what I'm working on, you'll just have to watch this blog for more info as it's posted.) As a result, I will also have time to do consulting on a contract basis. I have 6+ years of software development experience using MS... [More]

ASP.NET AJAX: Extensions to standard JavaScript base types

Working with JavaScript can be a challenge at times, and there are a number of helpful things that the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions are bringing to the table. One of the things it does is extend some of the standard JavaScript base types with additional functionality. This is actually rather neat, and is something that you may not find unless you dig through the ASP.NET AJAX documentation like I did. Array There are a number of extensions made to the Array base type, including "add", "remove" and ... [More]

LunchTimeCoder.ServiceMonitor v1.1 Released

I just posted up the latest release (v1.1) of my windows service monitor app. Download LunchTimeCoder.ServiceMonitor v1.1 This is a small utility that monitors windows services running on the local machine or any maching on the local network. And notifies you via an icon in the system tray and a balloon popup telling you which services aren't running. You can also Start and Stop services from this utility. New Features in this version: Added ability to monitor services on any computer... [More]

What's the best web-based RSS reader?

Calling all subscribers... What RSS readers do you use? I am looking for a really good web-based RSS reader to use. I haven't found one that I really like yet, and am thinking about just writing my own. But, first, I thought I would call out to see what YOU are using. Please post a comment with the name/url to the RSS reader you use or have used. Also, if you could please state which features you like or dislike. Thank you very much for your help!

LunchTimeCoder: Windows Service Monitor that runs in the System Tray

Yesterday I started writing a Windows Service Monitor, but I didn't finish it during my lunch time. And, since I had a little extra time last night and this morning (I'm off work today by the way), I spent some time finishing it. Yeah I know it's cheating but I'm the one who wrote the rules for this initiative anyway. This app is relatively simple, you pick what services to monitor on the local machine and it minimizes to the system tray. When a service you are monitoring stops, it will chang... [More]