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CSS + DIV = Scrollable area for site content

Using the CSS Overflow property you can create a box of scrollable content in your page without using an IFrame. This means you can have the same visual and usability effect that an IFrame offers and still be search engine friendly. Here's some example HTML w/ CSS: <div style="overflow: auto; width: 200px; height: 50px; border: solid 1px blue;">It's just this simple to do.It really is!Isn't CSS great?</div>  

Apple's iCal implemented in .NET/Mono

Now here's an idea that I've had since I first saw iCal and that someone else has now done. I haven't had a chance to install and play around with it yet, but the screenshots look good.

New Web Service that exposes MSDN content for your consuming needs!

Microsoft released a new XML Web Service that provides access to the content stored in the MSDN/TechNet Publishing System (MTPS). Using this new service, you can integrate documentation, technical articles, whitepapers, images and other content available from the MTPS system into your own application. This looks really cool! I can't wait to see what cool things people do with it. Below are some links for more information:Announcing the MTPS Content ServiceMTPS Content Service Documentationmsdnm... [More]

DotNetKicks: Social bookmarking site for .NET

This site is similar to Digg, except that it's just for developers. is a community driven, social bookmarking site for .NET and other Microsoft development technologies. I encourage others to try out DotNetKicks.

Vista Beta 2: Not my Primary OS anymore

It lasted only a week. I had Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta installed on my laptop (my primary machine.) Everything was fine (besides my machine running a bit slower) for a couple days, until .NET 2.0 decided not to let me debug code anymore. It was strange, all of a sudden, all breakpoints I set in code had stopped working. I was going to try reinstalling the .NET Framework 2.0, but it's not an option with Vista since it's "baked" in the OS. So I tried reinstalling Visual Studio 2005 in... [More]

IIS7: Better Url Mapping support, well not yet...

Recently, I search for articles/documentation about Url Mapping in IIS7, but I couldn't find anything. So, I asked Scott on his blog, "What features does IIS7 offer for Url Mapping?" Scott replied with the following:The core IIS7 release provides all the infrastructure to do URL rewriting for all resources (ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, HTML, etc).The Vista release won't have a URL rewriting rules engine built-in -- although we are looking at making one available as a download in the future. I was going ... [More]

VB.NET: RegEx Syntax Highlighting RichTextBox

Here is a version of my code for syntax highlighting in a RichTextBox that incorporates regular expressions.   Download RegEx Syntax Highlighting RichTextBox Source Code Source Code Listed: Public Class SyntaxRTB Inherits System.Windows.Forms.RichTextBox Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" _ (ByVal hWnd As IntPtr, ByVal wMsg As Integer, ByVal wParam As Integer, _ ByVal lParam As Integer) As Integer Private Declare Function LockWindowUpdate Lib... [More]

Windows Vista Beta 2: installed on my primary machine

I installed Windows Vista Beta 2 on my laptop yesterday (my primary machine). I didn't have the correct video driver upon install, so everything was 800x600 with only 8bit colors. But the cool thing was; Windows Update had the latest video driver for my hardware listed; so I installed that and everything worked fine. The install for Vista only had 2 steps: 1) enter key, 2) hard drive partitions. It did everything else automagically. Very easy to install!You are probably thinking I have a pretty ... [More]

C# .NET: Convert System.Drawing.Color to HTML color

Here is a small example of how to convert a System.Drawing.Color to the HTML color format (Hex value or HTML color name value) and back. System.Drawing.Color c = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#F5F7F8"); String strHtmlColor = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.ToHtml(c);

ASP.NET 2.0: v0.02 of my Virtual Earth v3 Ajax Server Control

Update (11/7/2007): This control is now located here: I just uploaded a new release (v0.02) of my ASP.NET 2.0 Virtual Earth v3 Server Control. The download contains a Visual Studio 2005 solution that contains the source code for the server control dll and a sample website that uses the control. The only new feature in this release is full ViewState support. I do plan on adding many more features to this control as I get time to work on it. Enjoy! Down... [More]

ASP.NET Atlas is full of JavaScript goodness

I was looking through the JavaScript code for Atlas and I noticed there is some pretty neat stuff in there. It is really a very large enhancement to JavaScript. One of the things I noticed is they are adding support for the XMLHttpRequest object if the browser doesn't natively support it. In the past I've traditionally just created a function named similarly to 'CreateXMLHttpRequestObject' and I make that function support multiple browsers. The technique that's used in Atlas is they are adding ... [More]

Scrape Geocodes from Google Maps w/ C#

I need to geocode some addresses once in a while and I notice if you view the source of the Google Maps page, the geocodes are right there. So instead of looking at the source of the page manually, I just created a little app that scrapes them from the page for me and places them into textboxes. Below is a small code snippet I wrote that does just that. It's not perfect but it is simple and it just plain works. string lat = "";string lng = "";string address = "1 Microsoft Way, Redmond WA"; ... [More]

ASP.NET 2.0: Virtual Earth v3 Ajax Server Control - PietschSoft.VE3 v0.01

Here is v0.01 of my ASP.NET Virtual Earth v3 custom control. The zip file download contains the DLL code and a sample test website. PietschSoft.VE3 v0.01 Features: Display map on a page with server side parameters (latitude, longitude, zoom, map style, etc.) Ability to attach JavaScript functions to the events raised by the JavaScript VEMap object from within server side code. Ability to plot points on the map from with in server side code I am modeling the objects in my li... [More]

ASP.NET 2.0: Place JavaScript inside the Page.Header

The Page.ClientScript object allows you to place JavaScript inside the Page, but it's limited in the fact that you cannot use it to place JavaScript inside the Head tags of the Page. But fortunately there is a way to do this. Add a .js file include inside the page header: [code:c#] HtmlGenericControl Include = new HtmlGenericControl("script"); Include.Attributes.Add("type", "text/javascript"); Include.Attributes.Add("src", ""); this.Page.H... [More]

JavaScript: Loop through all elements in a form

Since I've been doing alot of JavaScript programming lately, I figured I could start blogging some code snippets. Here is a JavaScript snippet that shows how to loop through all the elements in a form and retrieve their element type, name and values. I had to use this code to gather all form values so I could post them to the server using AJAX. <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function DisplayFormValues() { var str = ''; var elem = document.... [More]

What I've been up to lately: JavaScript, AJAX, Virtual Earth and WebParts

The last couple months at work, I've been working a lot on a new real estate mapping product that was launched last week called eNavigator (Try out eNavigator here). It utilizes AJAX and the Microsoft Virtual Earth v1 Commercial control and supports IE and Firefox. The coolest feature is the Interactive Map search that allows you to click and drag the map around to find that home of your dreams. Something I started working with tonight is the new Virtual Earth v... [More]

MSDN .NET Show on IIS 7.0 with Scott Guthrie and Bill Staples

The latest episode of the MSDN .NET Show features a great interview with Scott Guthrie and Bill Staples on IIS 7.0. The show includes a 30 minute interview about the product, along with 30 minutes of demos. IIS 7.0 on the MSDN .NET Show The latest IIS 7.0 Beta will be included in Windows Vista Beta 2. Also, it will be shipping with Vista, and will be included in the "home" editions as well. I'm hoping the final release of IIS 7 will ship with the RTM of Vista, and I don't have to wait for... [More]

Learn Regular Expressions with Dave Wanta!

At the next Wisconsin .NET Users Group, Dave Wanta will be presenting an introduction to Regular Expressions, also known as RegExes. The presentation will be covering the basic Regex operators, metacharacters and pattern matching. Then he'll move into advanced groupings, replace and logic branching. This presentation sounds great! I'm a little familiar with regular expressions, but I'm sure I'll learn alot from this presentation. I'll probably be bringing my laptop to this one. June 13, 2006 - ... [More]

A couple cool WinXP TaskBar enhancement tools

I've come across two cool WinXP TaskBar enhancement tools. Visual Task Tips - This tool provides a thumbnail screenshot of each app when you mouse over the it in the taskbar. You may have seen this feature in some of the screenshots of the Windows Vista Beta, but this tool brings that functionality to Windows XP. I noticed the thumbnail is a somewhat live preview; just open up a video in Media Player and watch a somewhat choppy version of what's playing be shown in the thumbnail. Taskbar ... [More]

I recieved my MSDN subscription today!!

Sweet! I finally recieved my MSDN Subscription ID today! It only took two weeks since I signed up on the website using my secret Invite Code. Everything is so automatic these days, I was almost thinking something got screwed up and I wouldn't get my subscription. The domain name isn't registered to Microsoft, so it must be a third party that runs that site. I figure they had to write my info on a piece of paper, then snail mail it to Microsoft's MSDN department who t... [More]

WI-INETA May 9th: Object Relational Mapping Frameworks: Simplify & Improve Your Data Access Layer

The next Wisconsin .NET Users Group meeting is just two days away. One of our local MVP's, Sean McCormack will be speaking on the topic of "Object Relational Mapping Frameworks: Simplify & Improve Your Data Access Layer". I'm looking forward to this months meeting since this is a topic that I don't know a whole lot about. Several frameworks will be covered; including NHibernate, Codus, Elementary and the DLinq specification among others. Other ORM capabilities will also be covered;... [More]

I went Deeper in .NET yesterday again!

I attended Deeper in .NET yesterday, along with a few hundred others. It was an excellent day filled with .NET goodness. I’m not sure what the actual attendance count was, but I guess it was higher than last year’s event.   We learned about: WCF (formerly Indigo) Top to Bottom with Michele Leroux Bustamante Anatomy of a Successful ASP.NET Application: Inside DasBlog with Scott Hanselman ADO.NET 2.0 Integration with SQL Server 2005 with Julia Lerman AJAX and Atlas with... [More]

I met Scott Hanselman the night before Deeper in .NET 2006

Friday night, two days ago, the Wisconsin .NET Users Group held a dinner to thank some of the most active and influential people in the community. I was lucky enough to get invited because I’m one of the more active Bloggers in the users group. The dinner offered the chance to enjoy live local music, learn more about the WI .NET Users Group and meet/talk with the speakers that would be presenting at Deeper in .NET 2006. How could I pass on this great opportunity? Well, since I’m sor... [More]

ASP.NET 2.0: It's extremely easy to add Ajax support using "Atlas"

Since ASP.NET "Atlas" has a Go Live license, I decided to check it out. I looked at the quick start samples and a short video that Scott Guthrie posted on using "Atlas". I've done some cool things with Ajax in Classic ASP and ASP.NET by hand coding all the JavaScript myseleft. Now with "Atlas" it's extremely simple to do, and you don't even need to know JavaScript to add Ajax support to your existing applications! It couldn't be easier to do. I can't wait to dig in to the more advanced... [More]