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Host ASP.NET Web Applications on an XBox

As you all probably know, XBox is priced at $150, has a hard drive, built in Ethernet, and it has x86 architecture with a P3 cpu. There is a Linux distribution that is being ported to run on the XBox architecture. You may be thinking why does it need to be ported if it uses x86 architecture and uses a P3 cpu. Well, the reason is that it is only about 99% x86 compatible. There are some extra things (mostly copy protection stuff) that Microsoft added to it. That 99% compatibility is also the thing... [More]

Cool Utility to get CPU/Fan Temperatures of you DELL Laptop/Notebook

Dell Inspiron 8x00 fan control utility by Christian Diefer I don't know why DELL doesn't have a utility you can use to read the CPU/Fan Temperatures of you DELL Laptop. I have an Inspiron 1100 and this little utility works perfectly. It even allows you to control the Fan speed. Get It Here: He even has a command prompt version you can use. There is a full compatibility list of all the DELL Notebooks that this utility will work with... [More]

Suspect in AltaVista hacking case works at Microsoft

Last week a man charged with stealing proprietary technology from AltaVista search engine two years was arrested. No big deal right, well this man also is an employee at Microsoft and has been working on Microsoft's new MSN Search technology. Lets see how long till AltaVista presses charges against the software giant Microsoft.A Kirkland man arrested last week on allegations that he stole proprietary technology from the AltaVista search engine two years ago is a Microsoft Corp. employee who has ... [More]

Windows XP SP2 RTM expected in 2 weeks

After a message on the Windows Update V5 newsgroups regarding a possible interim build being released, Microsoft have back tracked and denied that there will be another interim release. Mike Brannigan (MSFT) called the posting "Untrue and inaccurate" and stated that the next public release is the RTM. According to reliable sources at Microsoft the scroll build (RTM) is due to be finished as early as next week or within the next 2 weeks. Current builds stand at 2161. After the RTM date OEMs have ... [More]

Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Automation

One of my clients has a web application that automates updating their clients sites with the latest ASP pages, DLL, and SQL scripts on their databases. This week the idea came up of having that web application grab the latest version of the appropriate ASP pages from SourceSafe during this automation process. We figured it could be done, since Visual Studio can automate SourceSafe, and it also wouldn't be like Microsoft to not make that sort of thing automatable. Below are two links to documenta... [More]

Download.Jet Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Download.JectMicrosoft teams have confirmed a report of a security issue known as Download.Ject affecting customers using Microsoft Internet Explorer, a component of Microsoft Windows. (Download.Ject is also known as: JS.Scob.Trojan, Scob, and JS.Toofeer.) Important  Customers who have deployed Windows XP Service Pack 2 RC2 are not at risk. Shaweet, I'm not affected!! I have WinXP SP2 RC2 installed. There may seem to be th... [More]

Paint.NET - This thing is like MS-Paint on steroids

Paint.NET is a senior design project aided by a mentor at Microsoft.  It is a paint program designed entirely by students and written using Microsoft's .NET Framework.  The program makes it easier to create and edit photos. It maintains some of the best features of the original MS-Paint application and includes new, powerful tools. Such new tools include a history storage for undos and redos, and powerful multi-layering which is often seen only in high-quality, expensive photo-appl... [More]

XAML is like HTML for Windows Applications!

XAML is just plain awesome. XAML will allow you to configure the user interfaces of you applications using an XML based language. Just think of how easy it is to create a web interface with HTML, and that is how XAML will be for Windows applications. It's just too bad that it wont be supported by Windows until Longhorn ships. I can't wait to start using it. The following example demonstrates that all you need to do to write a "Hello World" application in XML is to initialize a window class and ... [More]

"Bye Bye Mr. CIO Guy" Song...

Now, this is just hilarious. “Bye, Bye Mr. CIO-Guy, Gonna outsource every resource ‘til the business runs dry.” You can find the full lyrics to this here:

Get Visual Basic .NET 2003 for FREE!!

Get Visual Basic .NET 2003 for FREE from the Visual Basic at the Movies website. All you have to do is watch 5 short videos on how to use VB.NET and fill out a short 6 question survey for each movie, then like magic you can get a copy of Visual Basic .NET 2003 Standard for FREE!! Shipping is also FREE.

Mono 1.0 Released!!

Mono version 1.0 was released today. Mono is an open source implementation of the Microsoft .NET Framework. In my opinion, this is the first real big milestone on the road to compile once and run anywhere in the world of .NET. The first version of Mono allows you to host ASP.NET applications on Linux, MacOS X and Windows. The Windows.Forms namespace is not fully implemented yet, so you wont be able to run Windows.Forms applications on Linux and MacOS X yet. The Windows.Forms namespace is slated ... [More]

Holy crap I have a blog!

Hello all you wierd and not so wierd people out there stuck in spiderman's web. I don't know why anyone would ever want to read my blog, but here we go anyway. If you're a stalker, I guess you'll like my blog since it'll give you a little insight into the inner workings of my so called brain. All my blogging will be put up here instead of on like I had initially planned. I am going to save for putting up development articles and other developer related help. Along with th... [More]