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Windows 7 Beta: Change the Logon UI Background Image

Apparently, Windows 7 will "officially" support Logon UI Background Customization. The previous link describes what needs to be in place (a registry key and image file) for you to be able to have Windows 7 use any image you want as the Logon UI Background. What the previous link doesn't specify is if this works with the Windows 7 Beta (build 7000). Actually, I just test and confirmed that it does work perfectly in the Windows 7 Beta. Good news for us of whom can't (or don't want to) run a newer ... [More]

Windows 7 Beta - Media Player 12 - Bigger Focus On Playing Media/Content

A couple days ago I posted some of my thoughts on the Good and Bad Parts of the Windows 7 Beta, but it was a somewhat incomplete list. So, I've decided to expand upon that list in an additional post. Why? Well, because there are some rather nice improvements worth mentioning that I didn't mention in the previous post. Windows Media Player 12   Bigger Focus on the Playing Media The most noticable (IMO) change to Media Player in v12 is the bigger focus on the media cont... [More]

Windows 7 Beta Has Good and Bad Points - A Short Review

I've been using the Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) for a few days now, and I've starting to form opinions on some of the new changes that have been made. There are good and bad things about this next version of Windows; so I thought I'd share some of my thoughts with anyone interested. Windows 7 Beta Good Points I thought I'd start with the Good Points first, this way you wont just read the bad first and stop reading the article thinking Windows 7 sucks. There are actually some good improvements ... [More]