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Bing Maps Silverlight CTP: Plot/Edit Pushpin data via a ChildWindow

Recently I posted an example of using the Web.Maps.VE Bing Maps ASP.NET AJAX Server Control with the AjaxControlToolkit ModalPopup Extender over at the Simplovation Blog. Writing that example was rather simple since those two components/libraries are both written on top of ASP.NET AJAX and work extremely well together. This did however get me thinking about how to implement this same type of functionality using the Bing Maps Silveright Control CTP, and now that Silverlight 3 is out and it has a ... [More]

Bing Maps Shapes (VEShape) to WKT (Well-Known-Text) and Back using JavaScript

One of the standard methods of representing geometric shapes is by using the WKT (Well-Known-Text) standard. This is a human readable standard method of representing geometric shapes that can be used to easily pass spatial data between applications. I know GML or GeoRSS may be a little more applicable since they are based on XML, but WKT can work just fine in some cases. If you don’t know what WKT is here are a couple links for reference: [More]

Bing Maps: Modify the Opacity of an Existing Custom Tile Layer

One of the features that the Custom Tile Layer functionality of the Virtual Earth JavaScript control is the ability to modify the Tile Layers Opacity after it's been added to the Map. It does include HideTileLayer and ShowTileLayer methods to dynamically toggle the display of Custom Tile Layers, but sometimes that's just not enough customization. However, I do have some good news, there is a small technique that you can use to modify the Tile Layer Opacity as necessary. How to Change Custom Til... [More]

Virtual Earth 6.2 (Bing Maps) JavaScript Intellisense Helper Released

Today, "We" released a new updated version of the Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper that is updated to support the brand new Virtual Earth v6.2. You can learn more about what's new in Virtual Earth v6.2 here: It appears that Mark beat me to blogging this release (which makes sense since he's the one that posted the final ZIP of the release): http://blo... [More]

Bing Maps: Polygon Search - Is Point Within Polygon?

Today, I found an article on MSDN that covers how to perform a polygon search to determine if a given Lat/Long point is within a given Polygon. I copied the logic for searching within the Polygon and made it more reusable than what is posted in the MSDN article, so I thought I'd post it here. if (GeoHelper == undefined) var GeoHelper = {}; GeoHelper.IsInPolygon=function(points,latlong) { // This code adapted from the following URL: // [More]

Bing Maps ASP.NET: Web.Maps.VE v1.0 Update, v2.0 Coming Soon

Today, I released the 8th update (v1.00.08) release to the Simplovation Web.Maps.VE v1.0 ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Earth Mapping Server Control. This control has come along way since the initial (v1.00.00) release last October. It greatly simplifies the implementation of Virtual Earth into any ASP.NET web application by enabling full server-side (.net, C#, VB.NET) control of the map, while eliminating the need to write javascript/jscript. Unless of course you want to write javascript; in which c... [More]

Bing Maps: Draw a Circle Radius Around a Lat/Long Point

I get requests on how to draw radius' around points on the map. And, up until now, I never needed to do it myself, so I didn't have a code snippet to do it. I did a search and quickly found an example over at viavirtualearth on how to do it in an older version of Virtual Earth. Other than being coded for an older version of Virtual Earth (and incompatible with VE6); it's coded to only handle drawing a radius in Kilometers. So, I decided to upgrade the code example to support VE6, and support bo... [More]

Calculate Distance Between Geocodes in C# and JavaScript

There are times when I need code to calculate the distance between two geocodes (Lat/Long points). I don't need it very often and until now I didn't have a code snippet that I could jus copy and paste. I was searching and found Rob Conery's LINQ and Geocoding post. It's an interesting post and he includes a sample of how to use Lambda expressions in C# 3.0 to calculate the distance between two geocodes in Miles. I decided to copy his code snippet and make sure it works in .NET 2.0 and also conv... [More]