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Today (8/31) is last day to enter 2010 Community Coding Contest for chance to win an MSDN Ultimate Subscription!

Today is the last day to enter the 2010 Community Coding Contest for a chance to win an MSDN Ultimate Subscription plus a total of approximately $20,719 worth of prizes!! All you need to do is write some source code to do something, and enter it into the contest. Who know, you could be one of the winners!

Community Coding Contest 2010 - Looking for Input and Prizes

Now that it's 2010, and over a year since the first Community Coding Contest came to an end, I'm thinking about running the contest again in 2010. Last time it ran for 3 months and we had 6 really great entries. This time around I'm thinking that it may be better to accept entries for 6 months, and have the voting run for a full month. This will give much more time for entries to be submitted, and for people to work on their entries before submitting and/or voting begins. These are just some i... [More]

And, the Community Coding Contest Winners Are...

The final stage of the Community Coding Contest (the judging/voting) is now finished and the winners have been announced. Even though there were only 6 entries submitted, they are all really cool projects. I really encourage everyone to go check them out. Also, the 1st and 2nd place winners were neck and neck for some time during judging/voting, and the 1st place winner slid ahead in the end by only 2 votes! We almost had a tie! Community Coding Contest Website: http://communitycodingconte... [More]

Community Coding Contest Voting Has Begun! Go Cast Your Vote!

The voting for the winners of the Community Coding Contest has begun. Go Vote Now! To vote, just go the the poll on the right hand side of the Community Coding Contest website and cast your vote. You can also view a list of all contest entries here:

Less Than 36 Hours Left to Enter the Community Coding Contest!

There is only 1 day left to submit your entries for the Community Coding Contest!! There are currently only 5 entries submitted, so your chances are pretty good if you submit an entry today! The deadline to submit entries is 12AM EST October 1st, 2008, that's less than 36 hours away. And, then voting begins. Submit Your Entry Now! If you're not familiar with the contest, it's an awesome chance to win a Free MSDN Premium Subscription with Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite, plus... [More]