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Creating Namespaces in JavaScript is actually rather simple...

Creating Namespaces in JavaScript is rather simple due to the fact that JavaScript is a very flexible language. As far as I know all the popular Ajax frameworks do this (including the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions). Being a .NET programmer (I'm assuming Java programmers would feel the same way), having classes devided up into namespaces makes code alot easier to manage. Here's some code that wraps up the ability to add namespaces into a namespace of it's own: ... [More]

LunchTimeCoder Day 1: AutoSlideShow - JavaScript Automatic SlideShow Class

Day 1 Todays code is a JavaScript automatic slideshow component. This is a very simple class that you just tell what div to render within and what images to show, and it does the rest. Check out the AutoSlideShow component here Ideas? If you have any ideas on how this component can be improved, please post a comment below.

Add iPhone style flicking support using JavaScript

I've been testing some of my code lately in Firefox 3.0 and along with all the iPhone hype, I thought I'd write up some simple JavaScript code that allows me to enable iPhone style flicking support within my own apps. Go check it out, it's actually pretty neat! And, it's entirely HTML and JavaScript code. It currently only works in Safari 3.0, Internet Explorer 7 and the Apple iPhone. Well, hopefully the iPhone, I don't have one to test it on. View Sample and/or Download Code

MS Virtual Earth v5.0 Released

A couple days ago, Microsoft released Virtual Earth v5.0. So, what's new? Improved Support for Feature Cusomization Virtual Earth Shapes - Easily customize and modify pusphins, polylines and polygons with the new Virtual Earth Shape class. Customize line colors, widths and transparencies of shapes, as well as add custom icons. Info Boxes - Shapes now have associated info boxes which can be shown and hidden as a response to user actions (e.g. clicking on the shape). The info box ... [More]

DotNetKicks auto bookmarklet

Here's a bookmarklet for submitting a link to DotNetKicks that automatically passes in the URL, Title and Description. To specify the description to submit all you have to do is highlight text on the page. Try it:DotNetKicks (Auto Bookmarklet) To add this bookmarklet to your favorites, just drag it to the favorites or right-click and select "Add to Favorites". What is a bookmarklet?A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript program that can be stored as a URL within a bookmark in most popu... [More]

PietschSoft.VE v2.0.0 Alpha - ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Earth Mapping Control

Finally, v2.0.0 Alpha is out! PietschSoft.VE is an ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Earth Mapping server control. The main purpose of the project is to provide ASP.NET 2.0 developers with an easy to use Virtual Earth mapping server control. This control abstracts away the requirement of JavaScript knowledge when utilizing MS Virtual Earth mapping within your ASP.NET 2.0 web applications. It's been way too long since I've put out a release of my PietschSoft.VE ASP.NET Virtual Eart... [More]

JavaScript/AJAX Example 1 - Load File Asynchronously and Display within TextArea

Here's a basic JavaScript/AJAX example that demonstrates the process of asynchronously requesting the contents of a file and displaying it within a textarea. Download Code Here I've done alot of JavaScript/AJAX programming from scratch (without using any AJAX frameworks) over the last couple years, so I thought I would share some of what I've learned. This is the first of a series of examples that I'll post if there is an interest. So, please let me know if you want me to post more.

Virtual Earth v4 is out now with 3D maps!

I know this post is a bit delayed, but a couple days ago Microsoft released Virtual Earth v4. Basically this new version is v3 with some stuff added. The major addition is the 3D maps. Now this feature is cool. I still have to check compatibility of my PietschSoft.VE3 control with the VE4 JavaScript library. I also think I may be spawning off a new PietschSoft.VE control for this new version. Check it out: Virtual Earth v4 Interactive SDK

MS Virtual Earth: New version on the way!

Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be releasing a new version of the Virtual Earth Map Control next week on Nov. 7. They are stating that existing sites using versions 2 and 3 will not be impacted and will continue to work. They also mention an upcoming marketing campaign surrounding this next release. Could this new version be v4? What cool new features will they be adding? Service Notice: New Map Control - November 7, 2006

ASP.NET Atlas is full of JavaScript goodness

I was looking through the JavaScript code for Atlas and I noticed there is some pretty neat stuff in there. It is really a very large enhancement to JavaScript. One of the things I noticed is they are adding support for the XMLHttpRequest object if the browser doesn't natively support it. In the past I've traditionally just created a function named similarly to 'CreateXMLHttpRequestObject' and I make that function support multiple browsers. The technique that's used in Atlas is they are adding ... [More]

JavaScript: Loop through all elements in a form

Since I've been doing alot of JavaScript programming lately, I figured I could start blogging some code snippets. Here is a JavaScript snippet that shows how to loop through all the elements in a form and retrieve their element type, name and values. I had to use this code to gather all form values so I could post them to the server using AJAX. <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function DisplayFormValues() { var str = ''; var elem = document.... [More]

What I've been up to lately: JavaScript, AJAX, Virtual Earth and WebParts

The last couple months at work, I've been working a lot on a new real estate mapping product that was launched last week called eNavigator (Try out eNavigator here). It utilizes AJAX and the Microsoft Virtual Earth v1 Commercial control and supports IE and Firefox. The coolest feature is the Interactive Map search that allows you to click and drag the map around to find that home of your dreams. Something I started working with tonight is the new Virtual Earth v... [More]

JavaScript: How to get value from nested form in iframe?

Here is an example of how to get a value from a nested form in an iframe. It works in IE6, but not Netscape 7.1. PageOne.htm<html><head><script language='JavaScript'>  function Search() {  alert(document.frames("PageTwo").document.forms("Members").elements("Search").value); } </script></head><body><input type='button' value='Search' onclick='Search();'><iframe name='PageTwo' src="PageTwo.htm" width='100%' height='100'></bo... [More]