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MIX'08 Session Recordings Now Available Online

The MIX'08 Session Recordings are now available online. So far, its just the recordings from yesterday, but all the recordings for the entire event should be up by Monday. This is really awesome, you can almost attend the event for free online. Go check it out.

MIX'08 - KeyNote Notes of Ray Ozzies talk

I watched the MIX'08 Keynote online this morning, and here are some notes I took.  Notes from Ray Ozzies talk: Some investments will be realized this week: Internet Explorer 8 Silverlight 2 Advertising on the web is expected to grow from $40 billion to $80 billion over the next few years. Social networking is growing and will become an integral part of the web just as familiar as Files and Folders are on the desktop. Web will be used as a hub in using and managing al... [More]