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CanvasMap Prototype = HTML5 Canvas + Mapping

When Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer Preview (Sept. 2011) I was a bit annoyed that they failed to include a “native” Bing Maps control for us to build with. Instead they require you embed the Bing Maps v7 Ajax map within an IFrame to use it. There are a few issues with this that I wont get into now. So, consequentially, I decided to prototype my own map control with the intended purpose to use it with JavaScript based WinRT apps if it turned out well. Disclaimer: The code for CanvasM... [More]

Display OpenStreetMap Imagery using Bing Maps Silverlight Control v1

The Bing Maps Silverlight SDK documentation on MSDN contains an article on Adding Tile Overlays to the Map, that demonstrates how to overlay your own map imagery over top of the Bing Maps Imagery. However, what if you want to completely replace the Bing Maps Imagery with some other Imagery like the OpenStreeMap Imagery? In the “Adding Tile Overlays to the Map” article it shows using a “LocationRectTileSource” to add the custom map imagery overlay. To implement the OpenSt... [More]

OpenStreetMap: Get FREE Web Mapping with Road Maps for your Applications

OpenStreetMap has been around for awhile and provides free geographic data that can be used by anyone. The data is all community created/contributed and that’s why it’s free to use. Other mapping services such as Bing Maps for Enterprise and Google Maps license their geographic data from some other third party and that’s why they cost thousands of dollars per year to use within commercial applications. Using OpenStreetMap with JavaScript The screenshot on the left is showing ... [More]

Bing Maps Silverlight CTP: Overlay OpenStreetMap, OpenAerialMap and Yahoo Map Imagery using Custom Tile Layers!

UPDATE: I have written a newer version of this article to specifically target the latest Bing Maps Silverlight Control Version 1.0 Release. You can find the new article here: Display OpenStreetMap Imagery using Bing Maps Silverlight Control v1 In the “Using Tile Layers to Overlay Custom Map Imagery” article I showed you how to overlay your own Custom Map Imagery that you generated using the MapCruncher tool on top of the Map. Now, in this article I’ll show you what you need... [More]