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QBasic was my First Programming Language

Recently, I got to thinking about my beginning of programming, and the Basic language. So, I thought I'd explain my early history with Basic a little bit. Basic was Easy My first programming language was QBasic. The reason I started learning QBasic was for the following reasons: QBasic came for Free on the Windows 95 CD-ROM There were more help sites on the internet dedicated to QB than any other language at the time. There weren't many resources on C++ back in the day (about 1996), eve... [More]

My RSS Feed URL has changed.

My RSS feed url has changed to the following: The old url will still be active for awhile still, but I will be setting it to redirect to the new one shortly. So, please update your reference to my feed in your reader. Until now, I have been using a small, hidden 1 pixel image to track the views of my posts through my feed. I have been able to tell that I may have approximately 50 subscribers, but I'm not completely sure. This is why I have decided to ... [More]

My Blog content is now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License...

My Blog content is now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License by default. If I do license specific content under a different license, then I'll post the license with the content. So, pretty much unless explicitly stated otherwise all content on this blog is now under the Creative Commons Attribution License. For more info about what this license is; click the link below. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License, unless explicitly stat... [More]

Official Release of Simplovation and Web.Maps.VE!

I am proud to announce that I have just officially launched Simplovation and released our first product, Web.Maps.VE! What is Simplovation? Simplovation is my new startup, and is a Micro-ISV. Our focus is on developing first class, resuable components and developer tools that target the .NET Framework. What is Web.Maps.VE? Web.Maps.VE is the latest, much evolved version of my open source control. This is the only ASP.NET 2.0 server control that brings Full AS... [More]

Top posts of all time as of 2007/9/27

Here's a list of my top blog posts of all time. I really would rather the MSN WebMessenger and Homestarrunner ones weren't in the list, but sometimes you just strike a chord of what regular people (non-programmers) search for. Top 10 posts of all time by total number of page views: 69,629 - MSN WebMessenger65,769 - ASP.NET 2.0: URL Mapping with RegEx Support26,319 - - pretty cool toons23,197 - I now have my key for Vista Ultimate18,614 - WinXP SP2 limites max. number of ... [More]

Self Employed and time for contract work

I have decided to go out on my own and work full time getting my own business off the ground. It's going to be an exciting ride and I know I have what it takes to make it work. I'll be working on a few project ideas that I have (If you want to find out more info about what I'm working on, you'll just have to watch this blog for more info as it's posted.) As a result, I will also have time to do consulting on a contract basis. I have 6+ years of software development experience using MS... [More]

Email/Website Outage - 06/22/2007

Good News: The website,, seems to be back up. Bad News: Email still seems to be down. Here's the deal: My hosting provider,, got hit with a DDOS attack and consiquently my email and website were virtually completely down yesterday and today. Yesterday it was spotty, and today totally down. The outage was so bad it brought down their entire data center, including the website. Be Aware: If you emailed me from Thursday morning until ?... [More]

Site Referral Keywords: Top 10, Strange and Surprising

I've had Google Analytics set up on my site since the middle of January so I can get an idea on what content gets the most traffic. The goal has been satisfied; I know which pages get the most hits. Now, if there were a way to integrate it within my RSS feed... but that is another topic to discuss elsewhere. I was looking at some of my referral keywords from search engines, and I thought I'd share some of them. I was actually a little surprise that some of my posts ranked as high as they did wi... [More]

Thinking about switching email to GMail for My Domain?

When GMail for My Domain was first available I set it up for to test it out. It was really simple to setup and you get the benefit of the regular GMail web client for reading your emails. It's pretty neat. I'm thinking about moving my email hosting for over to GMail for My Domain. Have any of you been using it? Could you give me some feedback on your experiences?

PietschSoft.VE: Is it Dead? What about Ajax and Virtual Earth v5?

Is PietschSoft.VE Dead? I've had a couple people ask me lately if the PietschSoft.VE project is dead since there hasn't been a release in about 2 months. The answer is: No, it isn't dead, I just haven't had alot of time the last few weeks to work on it. Ajax I am actually still working on adding full Ajax support, using UpdatePanels as the enablers. It is turning out to be pretty cool. Virtual Earth v5 Also, since Microsoft recently released Virtual ... [More]

PietschSoft.VE mentioned during a Microsoft Webcast on Virtual Earth yesterday

Yesterday Marc Schweigert (Microsoft Developer Evangelist) did a webcast presentation titled "Adding Mapping Capabilities to your Applications with Virtual Earth and ASP.NET AJAX". Near the end of the presentation, he mentioned the PietschSoft.VE project and gave the link to it on CodePlex and the Live Demo site. This mention is located in slide 32 of the Powerpoint deck from the presentation. You'll be able to view the webcast online, after the fact. The presentatio... [More]

PietschSoft.VE got mentioned on DotNetRocks! episode #221

A couple weeks ago, I was listening to DotNetRocks! episode #218 with Dare Obasanjo when they were taling about Windows Live Services. They happened to touch on MS Virtual Earth, so I decided to email them and let them know about my PietschSoft.VE control over at CodePlex. Well, I just listened to episode #221 (I know I'm a week behind), and they mentioned my PietschSoft.VE control on the show! And, they even pronounced my name right. This is way cool! DotNetRocks! e... [More]

PietschSoft.VE v2.0.1 Released

I just posted v2.0.1 of my PietschSoft.VE mapping control on CodePlex. It's been just over a week since I released v2.0.0. This new release adds support for Get Route and Polyline functionality. My initial goal to release v2.0.1 was 3/19, but as it turns out I finished the main functionality for it early. This fits right inline with my goal to put out small releases often. PietschSoft.VE - ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Earth Mapping Server Control Enjoy!

PietschSoft.VE v2.0.0 Alpha - ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Earth Mapping Control

Finally, v2.0.0 Alpha is out! PietschSoft.VE is an ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Earth Mapping server control. The main purpose of the project is to provide ASP.NET 2.0 developers with an easy to use Virtual Earth mapping server control. This control abstracts away the requirement of JavaScript knowledge when utilizing MS Virtual Earth mapping within your ASP.NET 2.0 web applications. It's been way too long since I've put out a release of my PietschSoft.VE ASP.NET Virtual Eart... [More]

I've been slacking lately...

Basically, I haven't been working on much in my spare time lately. A week and a half ago, my wife and I got back from spending a week in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We went to an all inclusive resort and everything was very relaxing. Neither of us had ever flown, so this was a whole new experience for both. Well, it basically took a week to get back in the flow of things after being in paradise for a week. And, now that I'm back in the flow, I'll be continuing work on all my side proj... [More]

I now have my key for Vista Ultimate

I just recieved my Vista Ultimate product key from MSDN after many failed attempts earlier today. I don't know if it'll work for everyone now, but at least I wont be one of the many hammering the system. Also, my download of both the x86 and x64 ISO's have finished. I have to say my over all experience of getting Vista (ISO image and product key) from MSDN was pretty good, especially since their server are being hammered so much by everyone with an MSDN Subscription wanting to downloa... [More]

Building a "successful" blog...

Yes, I know there are tons of posts on other blogs that describe how to create a "successful" blog. Since, I've been bloging for over two years now, I thought I'd share some things that I've learned. Below, in the order they came to mind, are some tips for building a successful blog: Make sure you have an RSS feed. This one is crucial, otherwise how would people subscribe? Pick a main theme to center your blog posts around. For instance my blog centers around .NET and web development. ... [More]

PietschSoft.VE3 v0.05 Released

Tonight I released v0.05 of the PietschSoft.VE3 Virtual Earth mapping control for ASP.NET. Major enhancements this release brings: Added GeoRSS and VECollection Layer support Added simple VS Design-Time support Added VEMap.VEMapJSInclude property so the control can be pointed to a Virtual Earth mapping .js file (a custom one) other than the one hosted by Microsoft. I'm trying to put out a new release with every couple features/fixes that are done. If you have any q... [More]

PietschSoft.VE3 is now on CodePlex

I am still hosting the demo site but I have moved the project into CodePlex. The CodePlex site offers a Discussion board (forums) and Issue Tracker. This will allow me to better support the PietschSoft.VE3 map control and library. I have also placed PietchSoft.VE3 under the Microsoft Shared Source Community License (SS-CL). I hope this will clear up any licensing questions regarding the use of this control. PietschSoft.VE3 - ASP.NET Virtual Earth Map Control

PietschSoft.VE3 v0.03 plus Demo site!

The PietschSoft.VE3 library is really taking shape and has been downloaded 100+ times already. I've even had someone contact me about using my code as the basis for a mapping control they need to create for a project they are working on. See it in action: In case you haven't heard of or seen this project; the PietschSoft.VE3 library is an ASP.NET server control that wraps up the functionality provided by  Microsoft Virtual Earth ... [More]

I recieved my MSDN subscription today!!

Sweet! I finally recieved my MSDN Subscription ID today! It only took two weeks since I signed up on the website using my secret Invite Code. Everything is so automatic these days, I was almost thinking something got screwed up and I wouldn't get my subscription. The domain name isn't registered to Microsoft, so it must be a third party that runs that site. I figure they had to write my info on a piece of paper, then snail mail it to Microsoft's MSDN department who t... [More]

My new website is coming soon!

An new year and a new look for is coming! I am currently working on a new website for My blog isn't going anywhere. Since it is the main content of my site I am making it the center of my site. I am working on making existing URL's for my blog still work with the new site. But, I'm not sure if I'll maintain compatibility for the URL of the RSS feeds. For any of you who are consuming the RSS feeds; they may break when I launch the new site. If any of t... [More]