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My brother-in-law and cousin are in Iraq

I believe it was last October and November when Jeremy and Jake were sent over to Iraq. They had to leave there families to go for training a few months prior to leaving the States to go over there. At first it was quite strange when they left. When someone dies, you know they are never coming back. It's different in war; it's more of a question mark as to whether they are going to be coming home or not. In war people die, you just hope that your friends and family are the ones who make it home... [More]

I got married on July 30th!!

I know I never mentioned it in past blog entries. The date was picked and it was being planned over the last year. I got married on July 30th. The ceremony was about 30 minutes long, and it took 3 and a half hours to take pictures. Yeah, the the ceremony took one seventh of the time it took to take pictures. I know that's how it usually goes, but it sucks standing all day in what has to be the most uncomfortable, rented pair of shoes. We were kind of worried it would be too hot or it would rai... [More]

I have alot of .NET books...

It's been two years since I started learning .NET and recieved my MCAD, and I now have a total of 18 books on .NET related development topics. I never counted them until today; I just kept buying/winning one every 4 to 6 weeks. Most of them are from Microsoft Press. Here's the last 4 I've gotten (in the last couple weeks by the way): .NET Remoting (ISBN: 0-7356-1778-3) - I won this one at the last WI-INETA meeting Introducing Visual Basic 2005 For Developers (ISBN: 0-7356-2058-X) ... [More] abandoned for now

I had some dissapointments with the hosting service I was using for and with the Community Server app that I was using for it. I'm not sure if my problems were all to do with the hosting service, all to do with Community Server, or somewhere in between. All my sites are back on 's servers. I am very happy with there hosting service, especially after moving away and then having to move back. I definately recommend them to others. Now for Community Server; I gu... [More]

The new is being born...

The new is being born. It is going to be an online community for .NET Developers with a forums. I will also be posting development related articles on there. And, my blog is moving to

My introduction to computers and programming...

My introduction to computers started when I was about 3 years old with an Apple IIe. We had a few games over the years: Ghost Busters, Alf, Spy Hunter, and a few others. If you ever think you can't trust a 3 year old with puting a DVD into the player, just think about a 3 year old being able to switch 5.25 inch floppy disks in an Apple IIe. We actually got the Apple IIe in like '84 or '85, it was used when we got it. My first PC (when I was about 13) with Windows 3.1 was actually my da... [More]

Giving your application a Plugin based architecture is easier than it sounds...

I've been playing around the last couple of days with creating an application with a Plugin based architecture. It's alot easier with .NET than it sounds. I don't have any examples or articles to post on here yet, but I'm working on something I hope to have up here in the next week or so. On another note, the traffic of my site is using about 1GB of bandwidth per month now (consistantly the last two months). That's the most my site has ever used, I'm going to have to upgrade my hosting account ... [More]

I passed the 70-305 exam on Friday!!

Wahoo! Another Microsoft exam nailed to the wall. On Friday I passed the Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET (70-305) exam. I now have only one exam to pass in order to get my MCSD with .NET, the Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures (70-300).

I start a new job on the 28th!!

I'm starting a new job on next Monday, the 28th. I'm pretty psyched about it. I have needs and well my current job just isn't cutting it. I don't want to go to far into detail at this moment. (Must play the whole politics thing.) Well, anyway, I'll be working at The Enterprise; it's a division of Homestore (has since been renamed to Move Inc.). They are a more well established company than where I currently work, and I feel there will be plenty of opportunity for me there. The overall work envi... [More]

Ok my blog works for now...

Ok, I got it working by changing the web.config file (forcing a full restart of the ASP.NET Application). I guess I'll juat have to do that each time it errors. :( I'm either going to make my own pblog or use the new Community Server : Blog; I'm undecided...

Stupid Blog is broke again...

Darn it... I'm actually quite irritated that this thing worked for like 10 months with absolutely no problems. And then last night, it started giving this error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value It happens when ever you try to view one of the blog entries. I'll try to get this fixed as soon as possible. :(

Wahoo!! My blog is fixed for now...

I Googled the problem, and found this article And, I came to the conclusion that instead of trying to edit the code, I'd figure out a work around for now. I found that since I can't force a restart of the IIS process that is running my site (since I have a remote host), I deleted the DotText.Framework.dll file in the bin directory of my blog, and then just copied the same version of the file back into the folder (forcing IIS/ASP.NET t... [More]

AnyMail 2.0 Released

AnyMail 2.0 was released today. AnyMail is an application that allows you to send “anonymous” email messages. New in Version 2 - Added ability to:1. Send Attachments2. CC/BCC email3. Set message priority4. Set message body format type (HTML/Plain Text) In order for messages to be send you need to have the address (URL) of an SMTP Email server that allows the relaying of messages. Download AnyMail 2.0

EMail (POP3, SMTP and MIME) looks complex but is in fact really simple

Email at first glance appears to be really complex, but once you look further down at how it work you will find out that Email is in fact really simple. POP3 and SMTP each only have about a handfull of command that you need to know to Send/Recieve email messages. The internet mail message format and MIME both appear complex, but are actually very simple and could be thought of as being somewhat object oriented. Really, the most complex part of email is MIME Attachments which is just complex beca... [More]

My Latest Project: POP3/SMTP EMail Client

I have currently and in the past had so many projects that I've wanted to create but just never actually went and fully developed them. Well, I have a new one I'm working on now and will force myself to finish it. I'm working on a POP3/SMTP EMail Client. I am working on making it support POP3 and SMTP for retrieving and sending email messages. I am also going to make it support the XMTP (eXtensible Mail Transfer Protocol) which is an XML transformation of the standard Internet Message Format. I'... [More]

My Function Guide is finally ported over to SQL Server

I finally got my Function Guide ported over from the mySQL database it used on my old hosting provider to the SQL Server 2000 database on my new/current hosting provider. In the Function Guide you will find information on Windows API, and other function calls. At this time I am focusing on the Win32 API's, but in the future I also plan to incorporate other type of function calls. Function Guide:

Holy crap I have a blog!

Hello all you wierd and not so wierd people out there stuck in spiderman's web. I don't know why anyone would ever want to read my blog, but here we go anyway. If you're a stalker, I guess you'll like my blog since it'll give you a little insight into the inner workings of my so called brain. All my blogging will be put up here instead of on like I had initially planned. I am going to save for putting up development articles and other developer related help. Along with th... [More]