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Mainstream support for Visual Basic 6.0 will end March 31

  Mainstream support for Visual Basic 6.0 will end March 31, 2005. Its kind of like Microsoft forcing us to all start using .NET. Fankly I'd rather I didn't have to use VB6 anymore anyway. As of the end of 2002, you can no longer purchase any licenses for Visual Basic 6.0. In the event that you need additional licenses for VB6; Microsoft Volume Licensing allow downgrade rights under Volumne Licensing 6.0. Customers who purchase the current release have full downgrade rights to previous ve... [More]

Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Automation

One of my clients has a web application that automates updating their clients sites with the latest ASP pages, DLL, and SQL scripts on their databases. This week the idea came up of having that web application grab the latest version of the appropriate ASP pages from SourceSafe during this automation process. We figured it could be done, since Visual Studio can automate SourceSafe, and it also wouldn't be like Microsoft to not make that sort of thing automatable. Below are two links to documenta... [More]